Vodafone appoints Alamouti as R&D director

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www.WirelessFederation.com/news: Intel Corp. executive Siavash Alamouti has been appointed as the new group research and development director of Vodafone, the world’s biggest mobile operator by sales. Outgoing CEO Mike Walker will continue to work with the Vodafone technology team in an advisory capacity. Alamouti space-time block code is the invention of Siavash Alamouti which is used to improve the reliability …

EditorVodafone appoints Alamouti as R&D director

Mobile, global is aim of cell phone makers

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JEJU, South Korea — Most mobile phones you buy in South Korea don’t work in Japan, while a phone bought in the United States may or may not work in Europe. Consumers have long faced a perplexing alphabet soup of terminology involving disparate wireless technologies and radio frequencies when simply seeking to buy a phone to call business associates or …

EditorMobile, global is aim of cell phone makers