Airtel slash call rates to $0.01 (Kenya)

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Airtel Kenya has announced that it has reduced call rates to US$0.01 between 6am and 6pm. The new tariff, named ‘Feelanga Free Kilasiku’ is available to pre-paid subscribers. According to Managing Director Rene Meza, they have witnessed a tremendous increase in subscribers and call volumes because of the drop in prices, something that has triggered a ripple effect in the …

EditorAirtel slash call rates to $0.01 (Kenya)

Every third pre-paid mobile user in India is fake!

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  Telecom companies have switched off one in three pre-paid mobile connections they have verified so far under new security regulations. If this trend continues, it could punch a big hole in India’s targeted 200 million mobile subscriptions by 2007. Figures submitted by the Apex Advisory Council for Telecom in India to the department of telecommunications (DoT) show that till …

EditorEvery third pre-paid mobile user in India is fake!