Namibia to Plunge into 3G

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The largest mobile phone network operator in Namibia, Mobile Telecommunications Limited (MTC) has announced plans to launch a 3G network. The company, which is 34% owned by Portugal Telecom, said that German engineering and mobile network equipment group Siemens will build the network. According to the German vendor, it will supply and install a brand new 3G HSDPA network. The …

EditorNamibia to Plunge into 3G

Namibia’s MTC mobile firm to build 3G network

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JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) – Namibia’s main mobile phone operator, Mobile Telecommunications Limited (MTC), 34-percent owned by Portugal Telecom, plans to launch third generation services and Siemens will build the network. Siemens said in a statement late on Monday it had agreed to supply and install a new 3G HSDPA network, which connects customers to high-speed broadband services via their mobile phones. …

EditorNamibia’s MTC mobile firm to build 3G network