Africa closes tech gap with flashy phones

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Rickety minibus taxis weave between corrugated iron shacks, dodging street hawkers and the odd scrawny child with trousers gaping at the knee. Alexandra is one of South Africa’s roughest townships, and yet you can switch on your laptop there, slide in a data card and access your e-mail in seconds using the world’s most advanced commercial wireless technology. About a …

EditorAfrica closes tech gap with flashy phones

Namibia to Plunge into 3G

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The largest mobile phone network operator in Namibia, Mobile Telecommunications Limited (MTC) has announced plans to launch a 3G network. The company, which is 34% owned by Portugal Telecom, said that German engineering and mobile network equipment group Siemens will build the network. According to the German vendor, it will supply and install a brand new 3G HSDPA network. The …

EditorNamibia to Plunge into 3G

Namibia’s MTC mobile firm to build 3G network

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JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) – Namibia’s main mobile phone operator, Mobile Telecommunications Limited (MTC), 34-percent owned by Portugal Telecom, plans to launch third generation services and Siemens will build the network. Siemens said in a statement late on Monday it had agreed to supply and install a new 3G HSDPA network, which connects customers to high-speed broadband services via their mobile phones. …

EditorNamibia’s MTC mobile firm to build 3G network