TPSA files lawsuit to overrule DPTG award

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Telekomunikacja Polska SA, Poland’s dominant telecommunications operator has revealed that it has filed a lawsuit in Austria, demanding the withdrawal of a verdict that awarded compensation to DPTG. TPSA, which is controlled by Austria,was ordered in September to pay US$495 million to its business partner DPTG to settle a long-running dispute over traffic volumes carried via a fiber optical network …

EditorTPSA files lawsuit to overrule DPTG award

AT&T to settle lawsuit over alleged mobile data taxes (US)

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AT¬≠&T has decided to settle a class-action court case over taxes charged on mobile data tariffs. The company was in the process of sending text messages to subscribers notifying them that they may be eligible to a refund under the terms of settlement. As per the company’s statement, subscribers who paid for mobile internet access through certain services including iPhone …

EditorAT&T to settle lawsuit over alleged mobile data taxes (US)

Iridium resolves proceedings with Motorola

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¬≠Motorola and its ex- satellite joint venture; Iridium Communications have now settled a US$24.7 million lawsuit over a loan made in 2000. According to Motorola, the loan was guaranteed by Iridium Holdings LLC. According to reports, Iridium Communications confirmed that it has inked a settlement agreement with Motorola that resolves all disputed matters in the lawsuit. The terms of the …

EditorIridium resolves proceedings with Motorola

Google backs HTC against Apple lawsuit

Editor Mobile Setting a stage for a major battle between Google and Apple, HTC, the handset manufacturer of Google, has got Google’s support against the lawsuit in which Apple has accused it of infringing 20 hardware and software patents. The patents relate to user interface, underlying architecture and hardware of the iPhone and cite the Nexus One, the Google-branded phone launched …

EditorGoogle backs HTC against Apple lawsuit

Legal battle spiced up between Apple and Nokia

Editor Mobile According to the latest development in the legal battle between USA’s Apple and Finland’s Nokia, Apple has countersued Nokia over 13 alleged patent violations of its technology. The move is followed by a lawsuit filed by Nokia in the month of October, accusing iPhone maker Apple of ten patent infringements. The US based company has said that its competitors …

EditorLegal battle spiced up between Apple and Nokia