Apple to pay $15 in class action lawsuit (USA)

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Apple has settled the Antennagate class action lawsuit for a payment of $15 or a free bumper case to each customer who faced a problem with the iPhone 4. Multiple lawsuits were filed against Apple alleging that the company misled the customers in its communication regarding the issue. The lawsuit was filed based on the complaints pertaining to the antenna …

EditorApple to pay $15 in class action lawsuit (USA)

HTC sues Apple using Google patents (USA)

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HTC Corp has filed a third lawsuit against the iPhone maker, Apple Inc. using the nine patents obtained from Google a week ago. As per reports, HTC has lodged its complaint with the US International Trade Commission (ITC), claiming that Apple has violated four HTC patents, which originally belonged to Motorola. Reports suggest that the lawsuit filed by HTC accuses …

EditorHTC sues Apple using Google patents (USA)

Microsoft files lawsuit against Barnes & Noble

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Microsoft has filed a lawsuit against the Barnes & Noble over the company’s Android based e-book reader, claiming that it infri¬≠nges Microsoft patents. The company is also naming Foxconn and Inventec, who manufacture the Nook reader for the retailer. According to Microsoft, the patents at issue covers a range of functionality embodied in Android devices that are essential to the …

EditorMicrosoft files lawsuit against Barnes & Noble

Clearwire sued for throttling customers (USA)

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Clearwire has been sued by customers alleging that their Internet speeds were purposely slowed down. Claiming that the company is operating a “Ponzi Scheme”, the lawsuit alleges that the company is signing up more customers than its network can cope with, and then earning revenues by charging substantial termination fees to break contracts when customers cannot get the service they …

EditorClearwire sued for throttling customers (USA)

Nokia files further lawsuit against Apple

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¬≠Nokia has filed patent claims in the U.K. High Court, Dusseldorf and Mannheim District Courts in Germany and the District Court of the Hague, Netherlands, again alleging that Apple infringes Nokia patents in many of its products sold in these countries, including iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. According to Paul Melin, Vice President, Intellectual Property at Nokia, these actions add …

EditorNokia files further lawsuit against Apple