Vodafone offers all customers free calls and SMS from 2-5 May (Netherlands)

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Vodafone Netherlands announces what gestures the customers, after the failure of last week. Vodafone had to deal with complex network failures caused by heat, water and smoke damage in a major network location from Vodafone in Rotterdam.

From 2 May to 5 May, all Vodafone customers throughout the day free to call and text within the Netherlands. This applies to both subscribers postpaid and prepaid customers as regards national voice calls and SMS messages to both Vodafone customers and clients on networks of other telecommunications providers. Customers with a data plan for tablets get a 10 percent discount on subscription in the month of May. The gesture is valid for customers of Vodafone, Sizz and Blyk.

Rob Shuter, CEO Vodafone Netherlands, said that they regret the inconvenience to their customers in the past period and with this gesture to ease the pain.

EditorVodafone offers all customers free calls and SMS from 2-5 May (Netherlands)