GLOBE to curb unlimited data plans (Philippines)

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Globe Telecom plans to curtail its unlimited data plans because of abusive users. The company stated that it was high time to end its unlimited data offerings as it wanted to deter the abusive Internet users who tamper the bandwidth availability.

Globe’s president Ernest Cu stated that the usage of cap is a priority as there was no point in putting all the investments in network without any return. It was informed by him that that Globe’s in All-You-Can-Eat plans were mostly hit by the abusive usage by internet users. It was further stated by him that ratio of abusive users was around 5% of subscribers who consumed 80 per cent of the network’s available broadband internet bandwidth. It was discovered by the company that 20% of the network’s bandwidth was spared for around 95 per cent of internet users.

The company is planning to launch bucket service pricing as a replacement to the unlimited data offering.  The bucket service pricing will comprise voice, text message service and Internet under one price scheme concept. The company informed that it is following the trend of US firm AT&T in the launch of capping data offerings.

Earlier in 2011, Globe already adopted the measures for curtailing abusive usage. The company introduced a fair use policy for keeping a check on the abusive usage.  Already in April of 2011, Globe adopted a fair-use policy with measures for capping customer usage. The offer curtailment was highly criticized by its users and was named as an unfair use policy. The company defended its stand of capping data usage by stating that curbing data offerings would encourage a healthy environment for a more sensible usage of the internet amongst subscribers.

EditorGLOBE to curb unlimited data plans (Philippines)