Visually impaired to be able to use a tablet as a Braille keyboard (USA)

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In what could be a one of the most revolutionary ideas in technology, US researchers have come up with an innovative design thereby allowing visually impaired people to use the touchscreen of a tablet like a Braille keyboard.

As per reports, the software creates a smart keyboard for the users. When users place eight fingers on the screen, the keyboard appears. Further, the menu is activated by shaking the device and regular touch gestures enable further interaction.

This concept was introduced by Stanford’s Sohan Dharmaraja along with Adam Duran, an undergraduate from new Mexico University and assistant professor Adrian Lew at the boffin’s X-Factor-style contest. Professor Lew reportedly said that this technology will help empower the visually impaired during the regular course of their lives. For example, this can help them in basic activities like taking notes in a classroom, or needing to take down someone’s phone number while walking down the street.

Further, Mr. Dharmaraja added that while current physical note takers are big and clunky and range from $3,000 to $6,000; tablets are available for a fraction of the cost while performing many more services.


EditorVisually impaired to be able to use a tablet as a Braille keyboard (USA)