Bahrain ushers in mobile number portability

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­There are three mobile network operators in the country of Bahrain. Mobile number portability has been launched in the country among all the mobile network operators. In addition, landline number portability is to be ushered in, in the month of October.

The MNP implementation in Bahrain will be ‘recipient-led’ which means subscribers opting for this facility will only need to get in touch with the operator. Also, the previous operator shall not directly contact the subscribers in a bid to try and win them back who decide to switch to some other service providers, in the initial three months.

The number portability central system is being managed by SystorIntereurope Systems that will be central to the process of coordinating the exchange of messages between Licensed Operators, in addition to up keeping the authoritative database of ported numbers and performance metrics concerned.

The Bahrain Internet Exchange (BIX) is poised to host the number portability central system with the aim to aid seamless access by all operators.

According to TRA Chairman Dr. Mohammed Al Amer, they expect the percentage of participants wishing to transfer their numbers to be up to 20% of the total number of mobile subscribers in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

EditorBahrain ushers in mobile number portability