Fon tops four million Wi-Fi hotspots, enjoys strong growth (Spain)

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Fon has over four million Fon hotspots available to users worldwide. The world’s largest WiFi community expanded its network by 30%, up from three million hotspots at the beginning of the year.

According to Martin Varsavsky, Fon CEO and founder, four million hotspots are an amazing figure and proof that the Fon model works. Together with the spike we are seeing–one million new hotspots this year alone–the Fon network is achieving the footprint and rapid growth they have dreamed of. In just four months, they’ve added more hotspots to the Fon network than other WiFi networks–iPass (500K), Boingo (325K), Trustive (220K) and KT (57K)–offer to their customers in total.

Fon produces 802.11n Fonera WiFi routers that when connected to broadband make it possible to broadcast two powerful, dedicated WiFi signals. One signal is encrypted and private. The other signal is public but only accessible via password to registered members of the Fon community. Fon also builds this WiFi technology directly into its Telco partners’ equipment.

You can become a member of the Fon community by buying a Fonera once or by joining without charge through Fon’s partners, including BT, MTS Russia, SFR France, SoftBank Japan and ZON Portugal. Non-members can also connect to the Fon network worldwide by purchasing affordable access passes at Fon hotspots.

EditorFon tops four million Wi-Fi hotspots, enjoys strong growth (Spain)