Telekom Srbija ready to adapt new market conditions

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Telekom Srbija experts have held a lecture on the topic of mobile applications for the most talented students of the Mathematical High School in Belgrade.

This marked the beginning of a series of workshops on the topic of mobile communications, which represents a step further in the cooperation between Telekom Srbija and this educational institution.

The company also equipped the school’s IT classroom with 20 computers and gave the workshop participants 20 Android smartphones. With this donation and the engagement of the company’s experts in the lectures and workshops, Telekom Srbija and the Mathematical High School advanced their cooperation in order to contribute to the education of students in the sphere of modern technologies as well as improve the practical implementation of the acquired knowledge.

A series of workshops will allow students to learn more about the possibilities offered by the Android platform and the development of the applications themselves as well as to actively participate in the creation of new Android apps.

According to General Director of Telekom Srbija Branko Radujko, this company is implementing a strategic business plan in order to stay successful. It is ready to adapt to the prevailing market conditions

He added that the business environment is changing rapidly, so the company has to take a proactive approach and introduce internal changes that would forestall external blows.


EditorTelekom Srbija ready to adapt new market conditions