Vip Serbia announces winners of app contest

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Vip Serbia has annouced the winners of its ‘Vip izazov3′ app contest launched in cooperation with Samsung for Android, bada and Windows Phone 7 mobile devices.

By developing applications for these mobile platforms through three different phases, developers competed for three award categories, namely ‘Best application by jury opinion’ for each platform, ‘Best students’ applications by jury opinion’ and ‘Developers award.’

Winning the ‘Best application by jury opinion’ award were ‘ViPutnik’ for Android created by Danilo and Milena Cubrovic, ‘TV program Srbija’ for bada by Aleksandar Ilic, Marko Mitic and Nikola Boric, and ‘SerbianNews’ for Windows Phone 7 by Aleksandar Petrinovic.

What the a ‘ViPutnik’ app does is provide end-users with info for rides by car, taxi, bus, train or airplane. ‘TV program Srbija’ is a Serbian TV guide, while SerbianNews offers selected access to daily information from Serbia. The total prize fund of ‘Vip izazov3′ is US$57,348.

EditorVip Serbia announces winners of app contest