MTC tests new wind power system (Namibia)

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MTC is currently trialing a new method of generating power through wind in a continued effort to find alternative power solutions.

The special wind charger is mounted on the existing radio tower whereas the most common systems require a separate structure. This immediately cuts costs for building an extra tower or structure to host the generator.

The demo system is a 1.1kW (at wind speeds of 12.5m/sec) and weighs 29kg in total. At MTC’s trial site good wind speeds of 3m/sec to 7m/sec are experienced. This gives power generation from 220Watt to 700Watt into the batteries. The system has control intelligence and during fully charged battery conditions, the electronics automatically breaks the wind generator and thus no power is being pushed into the batteries.

This means there is no need to dump the surplus charge current into a load and therefore no energy is wasted. The immediate benefit of the wind-power solution, once fully commissioned, is an increase in up-time, so less failures and therefore an improved service to customers.

The Airdolphin trial follows on the heels of the inauguration of its first fully-funded wind-powered solution on the Erindi Mountain at the Erindi Game Reserve in north-central Namibia, at Mile 108 in the Erongo Region and on the Sossusvlei Mountain in southern Namibia. MTC also has a number of BTS run on solar power.

EditorMTC tests new wind power system (Namibia)