Inteno selects Celeno’s video-grade Wi-Fi chipset to support the Nordic IPTV service providers

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Celeno Communications, a leading provider of semiconductors for multimedia Wi-Fi home networking applications, announced that Inteno has selected Celeno’s CL1820 true video-grade Wi-Fi technology to power the ZAP100 Wi-Fi video bridge. Inteno is one of the leading suppliers of CPE equipment to service providers in the Nordic market. With today’s announcement, service providers will now be able to provide wireless distribution of HD IPTV video services within and throughout subscribers’ homes with wire-like quality.

Service providers face significant challenges in delivering IPTV streams from the customer’s broadband connection to a multitude of display devices throughout the home,” said Gilad Rozen, CEO and President of Celeno. By partnering with leading suppliers such as Inteno, Celeno offers a robust and consistent Wi-Fi home network that is not only a cost-effective solution to service providers, but also benefits end users with the flexibility to self install and place TVs and set-top boxes anywhere they like.”

Inteno’s ZAP 100 wireless video bridge coupled with the innovative OptimizAIRâ„¢ video-grade technology from Celeno will enable our customers to offer their subscribers greater freedom, flexibility and choice when it comes to consuming their IP video content in the home,” said, Conny Franzen CEO of Inteno. The ZAP100 offers service providers an innovative video-over Wi-Fi solution that enables them to deliver the key services that will enhance customer satisfaction. In addition the Celeno CL1820 platform supports TR-069 remote management and monitoring which plays an important role in enhancing the end-user experience.”

Celeno’s Wi-Fi, powered by its OptimizAIRâ„¢ technology suite has been designed to meet the stringent requirements for carrier-grade video streaming. High throughput, long range, bounded jitter, low packet drops, interference resiliency and remote management are just some of the properties built into the solution to satisfy service providers’ needs. In addition, bandwidth hungry services such as Multi-Room DVR are enabled by the OptimizAIRâ„¢ mesh networking solution, which supports complete self-discovery and automatic set up.

Celeno’s OptimizAIRâ„¢ technology boosts up standards-based 802.11n to achieve consistent throughput throughout the house and through multiple walls for the simultaneous streaming of up to eight1080p HD resolution video streams. Celeno’s unique combination of adaptive antenna switching with digital beam forming optimizes the solution’s cost/performance by leveraging two transmit radios while utilizing four antennas to increase reach and robustness. Its channel aware scheduling maintains QoS to each and every transmitted video stream ensuring fair treatment while protecting each stream from starvation due to additional data transmissions.

EditorInteno selects Celeno’s video-grade Wi-Fi chipset to support the Nordic IPTV service providers