Bharti Airtel launches Internet TV service in India

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Bharti Airtel has launched an Internet TV service that will enable its broadband customers to access a range of live and video-on-demand (VoD) content via their PCs.

Service called Airtel broadband TV will offer three tariffs starting at US$1.09 per month for three channels, up to US$2.20 per month for 28 streamed channels, 19 VoD channels and 12 movie channels. The service will offer a range of content including news, entertainment, documentaries and music.

According to the company, customers will not have to pay for the extra bandwidth consumed when accessing Airtel TV, with exception of users in Punjab and Noida. The service offers consumers a low-cost way to access VoD content since it does not require them to buy a set-top-box or IP-enabled TV.

Bharti Airtel claimed it is revolutionizing the TV watching experience.

According to Girish Mehta, Chief Marketing Officer of Bharti’s telemedia services division, this initiative is part of their larger commitment to offer an enhanced broadband experience to their customers. They will soon be adding more content under news, soap and infotainment categories.

EditorBharti Airtel launches Internet TV service in India