GetJar bans Opera Mini on Apps Store for T&C violations

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GetJar, an independent App Store has announced that it has banned one of the biggest selling apps from its platform.

Opera Software had used GetJar to promote its mobile web browsers, but broke GetJar’s terms and conditions after it recently launched its own Apps Store in competition to GetJar.

The Opera Mini browser had racked up more the 30 million downloads on Getjar over the last several years and was one of the most popular apps in the browser category.

In a statement, the company confirmed that Opera had been banned for T&C violations. It later confirmed the reasons in a letter that was sent to its apps developers.

Patrick Mork, CMO GetJar confirmed that the simple problem is that Opera mini decided to include a competing app store in its browser.

He added that although they don’t have any issue with this in principle, in practice it means that consumers might start using this app store instead of visiting GetJar to get their favorites apps. This robs GetJar of traffic and therefore, of the advertising necessary to keep their service free for the more than 25 million consumers that use GetJar.


EditorGetJar bans Opera Mini on Apps Store for T&C violations