Vodafone, MTS launch new Opera Mini (Russia)

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MTS in partnership with Vodafone and Opera Software has announced the launch of a new customized version of Opera Mini for MTS subscribers.

According to MTS, using MTS Internet with Opera Mini, MTS customers will be able to add up to 30 of their preferred pages to a Speed Dial screen and quickly load them with a quick tap function. This unique capability surpasses the standard version of the Opera Mini that allows customizing up to nine websites. In the coming months, the new browser will also enable the use of a wide range of widgets for YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Omlet directly on the phone.

According to MTS Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer, Mikhail Gerchuk, they are pleased that their partnership with Vodafone brings them the opportunity to offer unique services to their subscribers. The Opera Mini browser is very popular in Russia with more than four million MTS customers a month using it to surf the Internet. The launch of the new browser moves their partnership with Opera to the next level. With the customized Opera Mini’s added capability, they can turn a budget handset model with limited functions into a very capable Internet browsing device. They are confident that their subscribers will get a richer and more convenient mobile Internet experience with the MTS Internet with Opera Mini.

More than 70% of Russians use Opera Mini to access the Internet from mobile phones (based on StatCounter stats provider data). Opera uses compression technology that reduces traffic by up to 90% of the initial volume, enabling mobile operators to optimize investments in infrastructure and use network capacity more efficiently. The technology also allows for the download of web pages up to six times faster than a regular browser on a mobile phone, thereby significantly reducing costs for mobile Internet users.

EditorVodafone, MTS launch new Opera Mini (Russia)