Vodafone replaces Three for Gamma MVNA deal (UK)

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Vodafone UK and service provider Gamma Telecom have signed a MVNA wholesale agreement, which will allow Gamma Telecom’s channel partners to become full MVNOs.

Vodafone UK has replaced Three as Gamma Telecom’s partner, with the deal being the operator’s first MVNA.

The deal will enable Gamma Telecom’s partners to have their own customer relationships and have direct control over price and branding, which Gamma Telecom states enables them to offer a wider range of converged fixed and mobile solutions to small businesses.

The service is targeted to go live in Q2 2011, and Gamma Telecom is looking for interested partners immediately.

According to Vodafone UK Director of wholesale Tim Stone, this is a great opportunity for Vodafone’s network to strengthen the portfolios of Gammas’ partners whilst expanding Vodafone’s wholesale expertise into the fixed reseller market.

As per Gamme Telecom CEO Bob Falconer, this is the best opportunity in a decade for their channel partners to confidently get back into mobile services and knowing that they can compete effectively, differentiate their capability, and build real value into their businesses.

EditorVodafone replaces Three for Gamma MVNA deal (UK)