Apple blamed for blocking One-Click charity donations via iPhone apps

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­Apple has been reportedly blamed for blocking a facility from PayPal to enable online charity donations on its iPhone smartphones for unspecified reasons.

According to reports, PayPal added the feature that permitted one-clickdonations in August and it had been used to raise US$10,000 in donations before Apple blocked it in October.

Apparently, if you want to make a donation, you can put a link to a website in your app, but it can’t be a donation feature inside the app itself, according to Clam Lorenz, the Vice President of operations for Missionfish, which worked with PayPal to power its mobile giving app. They have been asking the question, ‘Why was this feature removed?’ he hasn’t heard anything from Apple. No one can get a straight answer.

Accordding to Apple spokesperson, they are proud to have many applications on their App Store which accept charitable donations via their Web sites.

The difficulty for charities is that the applications that support charity donations are blocked from offering a one-click option and have to redirect potential donors to a separate webpage where they are asked to enter their credit card details. The added layer of complexity is known to put people off making impulse donations.

An online petition has been started to persuade Apple to reverse – or at least, explain – its decision.

EditorApple blamed for blocking One-Click charity donations via iPhone apps