ID-WiBB Launches WiMAX & Wi-Fi Roaming Facility in Indonesia

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­Indonesia has singed a deal with ID-WiBB to enable roaming between WiMAX and Wi-Fi and possibly future LTE operators.

According to ID-WiBB, three operators awarded WiMAX-derived BWA licenses in Indonesia have signed up to become roaming partners.

According to Kanaka Hidayat, ID-WiBB, the company’s goal is to encourage further wireless broadband adoption and growth of the broadband ecosystem by establishing an automatic networked ID authorization that will allow anyone, regardless of their service provider — to tap in to the benefits of wireless broadband from anywhere, at anytime. Today’s announcement takes them one step closer to uniting the Indonesian market under one wireless broadband umbrella.

ID-WIBB has selected Aptilo Networks to enable this multi-access roaming. Aptilo’s Service Management Platform will serve as AAA proxy for the authentication, authorization and accounting of roaming users between the different WiMAX and Wi-Fi service providers. The Aptilo solution will keep track of roaming subscribers’ consumption of resources (time and/or data) in any visiting network and provide the required statistics to allow ID-WiBB to serve as a neutral accounting party. The addition of LTE support to the Aptilo platform in 2011 will expand opportunities for ID-WiBB for future revenue streams.

According to Jan Sjonell, Managing Director Asia/Middle East, Aptilo Networks, Aptilo is dedicated to full compliance with wireless standards, and is unparalleled in their commitment to interoperability testing with vendors in the wireless broadband arena including WiMAX. The company is proud to have been selected for this important project. It is looking forward to work hand-in-hand with ID-WiBB in encouraging growth of the wireless broadband ecosystem in Indonesia.

EditorID-WiBB Launches WiMAX & Wi-Fi Roaming Facility in Indonesia