Costa Rica’s users declines to Switch to GSM

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­Despite so many network problems the users of Costa Rica are not welling to switch to GSM network. Costa Rica has around 73,000 users of an older TDMA network. According to the sources, some of the problems the network has suffered are unsent messages, calls cut and lack of coverage in some areas. According to ICE, the problems with the service is due to needed maintenance, causing problems with the frequencies assigned to the TDMA.

The TDMA network is outstanding to be switched off at the end of this year, but as per the company, this cannot happen until the customers shift to the newer system.

Although the company ensures that customers can retain their old phone numbers when switching networks.

The government is currently in the process of auctioning off up to three networks network licenses, but it is not predictable that any of the new networks will be operational in time to take advantage of customers switching from ICE’s TDMA service.

EditorCosta Rica’s users declines to Switch to GSM