BSNL to expand its networks in Naxalite Areas

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¬≠India’s government has ordered BSNL to spread out its networks in poorly served areas which are presently suffering from naxalite terrorism. These areas have been inadequately served by mobile networks, either due to economic reasons, or because of the ongoing terrorist revolt.

The Naxalites are Maoist communist group in India, leaders of the Naxalite-Maoist riot. They have a method of attacking mobile phone networks and taking down their towers – after claiming that the police use the networks to track their mobile phones.

According to a government official, the move to level mobile communications is part of the UPA Government’s inclusive growth agenda.Once people get access to mobile services it can strengthen their economic condition, which in turn have an enduring force on naxal activities.

BSNL has been inculcated to roll out 500 new base stations across 31 districts in Bihar, Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand. The districts being enclosed include Dantewada, Dhanbad and Singhbum, which are some of the worst naxal- affected areas in the country.

There are already about 1,500 mobile towers in these 30 districts covering about 40% of the geography. The additional 500 towers would take the coverage to about 50%.

EditorBSNL to expand its networks in Naxalite Areas