Indian telcos allowed sharing 3G network

Editor Mobile Spectrum sharing between operators on commercial terms has been allowed by Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) which is expected to deeply impact the 3G spectrum auction even in its concluding stages and hold serious implications for the world’s fastest-growing telecom market, India.

A comprehensive spectrum-sharing guideline will be introduced by the telecom regulator including spectrum-sharing charges. The regulations will be introduced in its much-awaited recommendations on overall spectrum management and review of license terms and conditions but will not give permission to spectrum trading between telcos.

Spectrum sharing will not only improve utilization efficiency nationally, it will also allow new entries like Telenor, Etisalat, Datacom and Loop Telecom to undertake initial rollouts cheaply. Revenue opportunities will come up for the old players. High-end services by sharing the 3G airwaves bagged by the winners can be launched by the one who lose out in the auction.

EditorIndian telcos allowed sharing 3G network