Sistema Shyam’s call for additional spectrum rejected by DoT (India)

Editor Mobile Sistema Shyam’s demand for additional airwaves in line with other new entrants using GSM technology has been rejected by the Indian telecom department. Sistema’s demand was put forward by Sistema chairman, Vladimir Yevtushenkov during his recent visit to India.

In its argument, the company has said that Sistema Shyam (SSTL) had received only 2.5 MHz of spectrum for every circle in comparison with the 4.4 MHz initially allocated to all GSM players.

However, the Department of Telecom has made it clear that under the existing norms, Sistema demand cannot be met as start-up spectrum for companies offering services on CDMA platform was only 2.5 MHz, while for GSM, it was 4.4 MHz.

According to the department, CDMA is a more spectrum-efficient technology when compared to GSM, and could therefore cater to more customers comparatively for the same amount of spectrum and additional airwaves will be issued to telcos only after the government comes up with a new methodology to allot this scarce resource.

EditorSistema Shyam’s call for additional spectrum rejected by DoT (India)