Vodafone launches Opera Mini browser in developing markets

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www.WirelessFederation.com/news: A customized version of the Opera Mini browser is announced to be launched by Vodafone with an aim to target the users in developing markets. People having low cost handsets and who are accessing the Internet for the first time can use the tweaked version of Opera Mini 5 which is especially designed for them.

On-screen step-by-step instructions in local languages are provided by this new browser and it makes the use of icons to help users with lower levels of literacy. A range of educational tools including foreign language learning, and commerce services and widgets that will direct users to email services is also developed by the company.

According to Jonathan Bill, head of Vodafone Internet services in emerging markets, with this product Vodafone can transform even basic handsets into very capable Internet-browsing devices, enabling millions to enjoy the social and economic aspects of the Internet that many already take for granted and by significantly enhancing the customer’s Internet experience, this initiative will help to boost local economies by encouraging entrepreneurs to create a range of locally-inspired models and services.

20 devices already have the customized Opera Mini 5 embedded on them and it is compatible with over 250 GPRS handsets across the operator’s customer base.

EditorVodafone launches Opera Mini browser in developing markets