CTIA panel blame complex ecosystem for threatening mobile’s success

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The CTIA panelists have come to a conclusion that mobile is a great way for brands to connect with consumers, but the complexity of the ecosystem is going to make it hard for it to succeed.

The panel of the Evolution of an Ecosystem How Technology Influences Marketing” had a discussion on evolution of ecosystem and how mobile has influenced consumer purchase decision. The panel also discussed how to measure mobile advertising, whether it consists of a successful campaign or not.

According to Kai Buehler, CEO of MindMatics, Santa Monica, the company is in a position where the Internet was 10 years ago.

Mobile marketing is not a new concept there has been a good response of smartphone adoption and mobile has the potential to integrate with other channels.

Several of the panelist including Ingrid Kelly, vice president of Motorola, San Francisco, CA, and Bruce Stewart, CEO of kgb, Washington agreed that the ecosystem is still immature and developers do not know who to partner with or where to turn for help.

Mr. Buehler who worked on several mobile marketing campaigns such as Deal or no Deal” and America’s Next Top Model” believed that the company still has the hosts telling viewers to text in and showing them exactly how to do that.

EditorCTIA panel blame complex ecosystem for threatening mobile’s success