Myxer and Quincy Jones III team up for DVD Mobile Campaign

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Myxer, one of the largest mobile entertainment sites on the web, has teamed up with urban entertainment artist Quincy Jones III (QD3) for a new mobile entertainment campaign that shows the power of free mobile content downloads to drive the sales of DVDs.

In order to support the DVD launch of ‘The Carter with Lil Wayne’, Myxer offered free mobile content from its site, on the behalf of QD3. As per the data, consumers downloaded more than 1 million pieces of mobile content from the documentary including wallpapers, ringtones and videos in a four-week long campaign. This led to a 20% increase in DVD sales which helped the DVD to drive to the No.5 position on iTunes.

According to a source in QD3, while the company was expecting several hundred thousand downloads of the free mobile content in the one month period, they were blown away by the fact that there were 1.1 million downloads in such a short time period. The company is thrilled to have worked with Myxer to create such a huge impact on their sales.

According to Myxer CEO Myk Willis, the campaign shows that the branding power of mobile personalization content is superior to many other forms of digital advertising. In his opinion, the quality ad frequency of user engagement with a mobile download, such as a ringtone or wallpaper that users seek out and carry with them for weeks, is clearly differentiated from that offered by traditional digital ads.

EditorMyxer and Quincy Jones III team up for DVD Mobile Campaign