Ofta announces 3 winners for 1800MHz auction (Hong Kong)

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www.WirelessFederation.com/news: Ofta has announced the name of three winners for 1800MHz auction. SmarTone-Vodafone, China Mobile, and Hong Kong Telecommunications were named provisional successful bidders for the spectrum, each winning two frequency bands with a bandwidth of 0.8 MHz x 2.  SmarTone will have to pay an upfront spectrum utilisation fee of HKD 7.13 million and HKD 7.32 million for its spectrum blocks, China Mobile will pay HKD 7.8 million and HKD 7.41 million, while Hong Kong Telecommunications will pay HKD 8.22 for each spectrum block. SmarTone said the additional spectrum will allow it to implement LTE on 1800MHz.

EditorOfta announces 3 winners for 1800MHz auction (Hong Kong)