Reliance Comm to bid for mobile licences abroad

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The Reliance-Dhirubhai Anil Ambani Group, has plans to bid for mobile licences abroad for providing high-end business process outsourcing services, reports Business Standard.

It has lined up a raft of initiatives to give its telecommunications business a global footprint.

Moreover, the company also plans to take Internet protocol television (IPTV) and other media services to consumers in foreign markets after it launches them in



In order to carry these services, the group will set up three broadband cable networks- one from India to China through Nepal, two, an undersea cable between Asia and the US, and three, an extension of its Falcon cable from the Maldives to East Africa. Industry analysts put a USD 1 billion price tag to these three cable systems.

The group is also eyeing mobile licences in








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EditorReliance Comm to bid for mobile licences abroad