Vodacom Lesotho: More than just a leading brand (Africa)

The Vodacom Group is a leading cellular communications company in Africa. Vodacom Lesotho started operating in 1996 with the Government of Lesotho as a shareholder through its stake in Lesotho Telecommunications Corporation.

According to company reports, the global partnership with Vodafone, which started in 2008, put the leading Lesotho network operator at the forefront of developments, and changed the face of the world’s communications landscape.

Refiloe Mohlotsane, brand manager, Vodafone Lesotho has reportedly said that Vodacom isn’t just the leading brand in Lesotho; it’s a lifestyle.  She said that young and old people alike identify with the brand and are often spotted sporting a t-shirt or hat with the Vodacom logo. People just love Vodacom. It’s an amazing brand.

Mohlotsane also spoke about the Vodacom Community Builder, claiming it is a success story that seeks to uplift men and women who are making an impact in their lives and those of other people. She added that people feel engaged with the Vodacom Lesotho brand as they invest in the areas of sports, health, technology and community, as part of their corporate social responsibility.

Regarding the brand image of Vodacom Lesotho, Mohlotsane said that Vodacom has, through sponsorships and well-executed advertising, managed to achieve an iconic status in all markets in which it operates. Further, the radio and the print media in Lesotho have particularly been effective in promoting the Vodacom brand. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, but radio has certainly been the best medium locally since it enjoys a wider coverage around the country.

In order to ensure that Vodacom remained a truly consumer-centric brand, Mohlotsane said that they adopted a more targeted approach on a market-by-market basis as well as ensured that they consistently delivered on brand values.