Handsets radiations can influence biological processes- study

A recent study by  has Switzerland’s National Research Programme ‘Non-Ionising Radiation – Health and Environment’ (NRP 57) shown that electromagnetic fields and radiation produced by radio antennae or mobile phones can influence biological processes, for instance electrical brain activity during sleep.

However, they have not been able to establish any links between everyday exposure to radiation and health problems. A total of 5 billion mobile phones were in use last year around the world, 9 million of them in Switzerland alone.

At the same time, other equipment and technologies associated with electromagnetic fields and radiation are also increasingly being used, for instance wireless internet connections or cordless phones. Some research projects within NRP 57 have confirmed that non-ionising radiation affects biological processes in cells and organs. With the help of cell culture experiments, they have discovered that radiation causes a slight increase in DNA strand breaks without, however, directly damaging the DNA.

In another study, data on mobile phone usage and actual exposure to radiation among the population was collected for the first time. However, no link could be found between everyday exposure to radiation and ill-health in humans. All in all, the research conducted under NRP 57 has not brought to light any alarming new facts that would necessitate changes to the law or intervention by the authorities.