2009- Year of IP/Ethernet Backhaul

www.WirelessFederation.com/news: The year 2009 can be declared as the Year of IP/Ethernet Backhaul. 21% increase in the spending on mobile backhaul equipment has been reported in 2009 reaching up to $7.2 billion worldwide. As operators try to reduce the costs associated with skyrocketing mobile data traffic, a wholesale shift in backhaul strategies has been recorded. Most of the operators around the world had been adopting dual/hybrid backhaul approach (TDM plus IP/Ethernet)

Within a month, most of the operators are planning to use a single IP/Ethernet backhaul, whether over microwave, fiber, or copper. IP/Ethernet is favored by the telcos to do the whole job, including the tricky timing and synchronization required for most of the world’s mobile networks.

Mobile backhaul microwave radio equipment segment is still lead by Ericsson with 20% worldwide revenue market share in 2009 while the Ethernet cell site equipment segment (routers and gateways) is lead by Tellabs.