Tata’s Addepalli among 40 young leaders of telecom world: Survey

www.WirelessFederation.com/news: Srinivasa Addepalli of Tata Communication has appeared as the only Indian in the list of the world’s 40 young leaders with a potential to drive the future course of the fast-growing global telecom industry. The result was announced in a survey in which respondents were asked who they thought are the global telecom industry’s “young leaders of today and the leaders of tomorrow”.

Addepalli, Tata Communication’s senior vice-president for corporate strategy.  Google’s director of strategic alliances, Nick Heller, Expand Networks’ sales and marketing VP Adam Davison and BT’s chief financial officer, Richard Cameron are also named in the list.

Others featuring in the list of 40 individuals under the age of 40 years are British firm Vodafone’s Bryan Littlefair, South Africa-based MTN’s Khumo Shuenyane, UK-based MobileIQ’s Shaun Barriball, American entity AT&T’s Tom Regen and French company Alcatel-Lucent’s Heather Kirksey.

As per the survey, a domain expert in developing strategies and business plans in the Indian and global telecom sector, Addepalli is responsible for formulating and executing all new strategic initiatives, including growth plans, entry into new markets and mergers and acquisitions.