Scheduled-SMS scheme launched by Tata DoCoMo and Airtel If you thought that the price war has reached its peak, here is another dice thrown by the purveyor of the tariff war, Tata DoCoMo. The company has taken the price war at a whole new level by announcing Timed SMS” scheme in which users type an SMS right now and provide a later date and time, when that SMS will actually be sent to the recipient.

Airtel has also joined the play by going a step ahead while pricing this service. While TataDoCoMo charges Rs.3 for a pre-scheduled SMS, Airtel’s Timer SMS” cost just Rs.1 for the same. Besides, Airtel also has provision for cancelling the pre-scheduled SMS. In this, the customers can send STOP to their own number, followed by cancellation instructions.

A correction message will be send by Airtel if the scheduled message for date / time is already past.  In case of Tata DoCoMo, Timed SMS” includes extra 5 characters (‘TSMS’) in the message, whereas Airtel’s Timer SMS” does not add any such extra characters.