Case Study of the Mobile IP Centrex: A paper by NTTDoCoMo

Hiroyasu YUHASHI
Mobile Society Research Institute,

We just came across a case study of the Mobile IP Centrex.

The paper explores how at the initial stage of mobile phone penetration, cell phones were primarily used for business. With increased penetration, mobile phone use expanded vastly from business alone to personal and onto entertainment among other utilities. In 2004, a handset was released with a wireless LAN function, and mobile phones came to be incorporated into the ICT solution.

Hiroyasu YUHASHI of the Mobile Society Research Institute at NTT DOCOMO, INC believes that now,  Mobile IP Centrex is one of the most popular ICT solutions for utilizing mobile phones.

In this paper, he has introduced a manufacturing company as the latest example of an enterprise providing an ICT solution using mobile phones. With the adoption of the mobile phone, the office environment was restructured. In addition, the increasing use of mobile phones changed the way people worked. Progressing from the introduction of the example, he considers the construction of a communication network for business as a result of the increasing use of mobile phones.

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