2008 3G Mobile Phone sales to pass 1.5 Million unit mark in UAE

Regional sales of 3G mobile telephone handsets will likely hit the 1.5 million unit figure this year, according to the industry’s largest mobile retailer.

The surge in mobile sales is due, in large part, to the mass migration of users from traditional voice-only mobiles to more sophisticated third-generation mobile technology widely adopted across the Middle East in the last few years.

A standard third-generation, or 3G, handset will have wireless voice capabilities, wireless video, wireless broadband data, camera, music player, smart card inserts, web browser and other office applications.

“The average mobile phone users in the UAE are now far more sophisticated in their demands of the mobile device. They will want to know all their possible 3G options, both in terms of sales and after-sales support, and they will expect the retailer to play the role of expert advisor in addition to salesperson,” says Matthew Ramljak, Axiom Group Retail Manager.

In the UAE, more than 1.3 million 3G mobile phone units were purchased up to September 2008 compared to just over 820,000 in all of 2007, according to GFK data. This illustrates an increase of over 62% in the sales of 3G units in the past year alone.

Factors contributing to this phenomenal growth include a better understanding of the technology, more affordable 3G handsets available on the market, and the growth of 3G networks.
Axiom Telecom- which retails mobile phones on behalf of Nokia, Samsung, Sony-Ericsson, LG, and Motorola, among others – operates one of the world’s largest mobile telephone repair centers in India, a facility which handles as many as 40,000 repairs per month.

Axiom recently opened its flagship store at The Dubai Mall, one of the world’s largest retail and entertainment destinations. The 2700 square foot store is Axiom’s largest ever, showcasing more than 100 mobile phones and providing customers with a new interactive retail experience including demonstrations on 3G mobile applications.

The privately-held company, known for its irreverent advertising and aggressive appeal to the region’s growing young-at-heart demographic, has also indicated that it has plans to substantially increase the number of its retail outlets in UAE, Saudi Arabia, and India.

About Axiom
Established in 1997 by Faisal Al Bannai, AxiomAis committed to offering the best value for money to its customers, along with genuine service and the most attractive incentives. Today, besides its own branded outlets, Axiom owns and operates stores through partner arrangements in the UAE with major retailers and petrol service stations. In December 2005, TECOM a member of Dubai Holding acquired a 40% share of the telecoms retailer.

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